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When Legends Meet

When Legends Meet!When Legends Meet!My mom, Sis Cusack Houlihan, would be 103 today if she were still alive. Unfortunately she went to heaven about twenty years ago. She would be very  proud of this historic photo  because her dad, my grandfather Dennis Cusack, was born in Mt. Collins, County Limerick and was a captain in The Irish Citizen Army. How about it, mom? Here I am shaking hands with Enda Kenny,  Taoiseach of  Ireland.

And if that’s not enough, standing at the podium is none other 14th Ward Alderman Ed Burke, looking on and thinking, “What the hell is that hooligan up to now!”

Well, what I’m up to now is FREE CRAIC. We’re unveiling this site over the next few weeks as we lead up to St. Patrick’s Day.  Free Craic aims to be your home for all Irish American culture across the nation. And while “craic” is familiar to our audience as an Irish expression meaning “fun”, it’s also our acronym for Citizens Report American Irish Culture. We’ll be having some laughs, bringing you the news and music and videos of all things Irish American and we hope you will tell your friends and family about our new site.

We’re still at the seminal stage, (if you’ll excuse the expression), with the site so please bear with us. But stick around and grow with us as we bring Free Craic to the world.

God bless!

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