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We Need an Irish Pope!


This morning’s announcement that Pope Benedict XVI will resign the papacy by the end of February has thrown the Irish American Catholic community into a whirlwind of conjecture regarding the identity of our next Pope.

On the left, there are those calling for a young, “progressive” Pope; basically code for an abortion rights advocate who will abolish celibacy for priests and make sodomy sinless.

We’d like to see a Pope who will hold the line against the current attacks on Catholicism and will lead the church out of the current maelstrom and into a new age of pride in our faith.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York would make a wonderful Pope. He’s conservative without being doctrinaire and he has a terrific Irish sense of humor. Dolan has also exhibited his abilities as a statesman dealing with President Obama, who would seem to be on a collision course with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

As the culture wars continue to escalate, it would seem prudent to have a warrior leading us into the future of our church. We’re praying for Dolan to be the first Irish American Catholic Pope in history!


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