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Reclaim the Chicago flag for the Irish Diaspora

Reclaim the Chicago Flag for the Irish Diaspo Claiming the Chicago Flag for Irish America! Chicago’s Irish and Irish American community have cause to celebrate on Friday October 7th when the Chicago Cultural Alliance will screen the film IN SEARCH OF WEEPING JIM in their “Journey Chicago” program at The Irish American Heritage Center that… Continue Reading

The Great McGinty to the rescue!

“When a party gets rowdy, the Irish call it a ‘hooley!” In 1941, Irish American screenwriter/director Preston Sturges won the Oscar for Best Screenplay of his film THE GREAT McGINTY. Fans of the 8th Annual Irish American Movie Hooley Film Festival, the only Irish American film festival in existence, will have the opportunity to see… Continue Reading

Michele McGuire back on South Side

Hibenian Radio Hour is proud to announce a very special musical guest on the show this Wed. June 22nd at Cork & Kerry Irish Pub, 10614 South Western Ave in the heart of Beverly. The show is dedicated to Irish First Responders; cops, firefighters, paramedics and nurses and host Mike “Houli” Houlihan says, “We met… Continue Reading

Danahey on the Loose about To Kill A Mockingbird

Danahey on the Loose about To Kill A Mockingbird

  The Broadway tour of To Kill A Mockingbird, Aaron Sorkin’s stage adaptation of Harper Lee’s novel, just ended its stay in Chicago. Toward the beginning of the play, one of my initial thoughts was that Richard Thomas, who stars as Atticus Finch, is way shorter than he looks on TV. But things frequently aren’t… Continue Reading

Yank Producer Runs Amok in Cannes!

Mike, I need a producer for my new movie would you be interested? We are shooting in Cannes May 15-20. Uh…wait…what? Do I want to shoot a film in Cannes on the Ides of May? What could go wrong? If interested let me know and we do a call urgent! The text messages above were… Continue Reading