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Marty Madden honored in Irish American Small Business 50

Marty Madden of Midwest Lobster Exchange
Marty Madden of Midwest Lobster Exchange

Marty Madden, son of River Forest residents Joe and Char Madden, was recently honored in New York at a gala dinner to celebrate “The Irish American Small Business 50”, selected by The Irish Echo Newspaper in New York City.  Marty’s company, Maine Lobster Exchange, is a Live Lobster wholesale company that delivers exclusively to the Midwest.

The dinner was held on Friday, April 12th at the elegant Manhattan Club in Rosie O’Grady’s in NYC owned by our friend Michael Carty.

Madden’s business, “Maine Lobster Exchange”, was selected from thousands nominated on the East Coast to honor entrepreneurs and small business leaders of Irish America.  The event was sponsored by Tourism Ireland and Fitzpatrick Hotel.

Marty told us, “Several years ago I moved from my hometown of Chicago to Portland, Maine, my wife’s hometown. Since then, I have been teaching English at a small college, helping out on my in-law’s lobster boats in the summer, and working in their restaurant. However, since the move, my wife and I have forever been trying to get Chicago and Portland closer together. This is our opportunity to do that. Maine Lobster Exchange is a wholesale lobster distributor that focuses on getting live lobsters straight from the bottom of the Atlantic to your kitchen as quickly as possible.”

For more information on Maine Lobster Exchange, go to or like them on facebook.





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