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Dude Wipes founder spills his guts on The Skinny & Houli Show!

Sean Riley on The Skinny & Houli Show.

For centuries Irishmen have searched for the antidote to the Guinness scutter. The “scutter” is that old irregular gurgling that usually signals a prelude to explosions in your gut. The Irish call it “the Guinness scutter”. It means spending lots of quality time on the toilet the morning after a night of drinking and partying.

Many blame stout for this because of the high yeast content in this delicious drink. Combine that with a two am visit to Pepe’s Buritto Palace on Grand Avenue and your gonna wind up riding a mighty wobbly stool.

Throw in some hacksaw style wiping with the latest brand of organic toilet paper, “environmentally safe cuz it’s made from birch bark”, and the next thing you know, your bunghole’s on fire!

But wait, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Some Irish dudes from the Southside of Chicagoland have invented what could be the most revolutionary and scientific soothing since balm in Gilead. You could call it the Orland Park O-Ring. What is it? Folks it’s Dude Wipes, a complimentary product to toilet paper that is cool, refreshing, and yes, even healthy!

The Irish American community of Chicagoland was recently enlightened, (six years after the discovery), when one of the inventors of Dude Wipes, Mr. Sean Riley, appeared as a guest on “The Skinny & Houli Show”. Riley told his story to the legendary boyos. How he and his pals, just out of college, came up with their Eureka moment after weeks of exposure to the hot trots brought on by booze, broads, and refried beans. Sure in retrospect it all sounds so simple, but so does photosynthesis!

Houli, Sean Riley, and Skinny in front of Lizzie McNeill’s Irish Pub.

Today, through the miracle of podcasting, Irish dudes and dudettes, can hear this Irish American dream story of financial success and independent entrepreneurial spirit in action, by clicking HERE!

Listen to Sean Riley tell his story to the wizened Skinny and the smooth and well-rounded Houli of The Dude Wipes Revolution. You’ll hear how the dudes envisioned their product, built a prototype, started selling them out of the spare bedroom of their apartment. They eventually branched out, appeared on Shark Tank, where financier Mark Cuban invested in their company and it was off to the races. Tune in to hear the whole story.

And then go, directly to your local store to purchase the quintessence of the 21st Century, the perfection of toilet paper, the answer to every shituation, DUDE WIPES.

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