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Chicago Scots get $14 million donation to transform its senior living facility

The Scottish Home
The Scottish Home

The Chicago Scots, Illinois’ first and oldest non-profit organization, recently received a foundational $14 million gift from The Negaunee Foundation to launch a program to meet the future unmet needs of Chicago’s senior population.

This is the largest donation in the organization’s 178-year history. It will  enable the Chicago Scots to begin a campaign to transform its legacy building, the Scottish Home at Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care, in North Riverside into a model of living that relieves the social distress of aging. Chicago Scots own and operate the five-acre Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care community as its principal charitable purpose, based around the 114-year-old Scottish Home and seven-year-old MacLean House just 15 minutes from downtown Chicago.

“In just a few years there will be many millions of older Americans without the wealth to pay for long-term care as it is currently configured but with too much to qualify for government support,” said Gus Noble, President and CEO. “They are the forgotten middle.’ They will want to live collaboratively in community with others, to be connected and not isolated, to be social and not lonely. The Negaunee Foundation’s incredible gift will empower us to relieve distress caused by aging – medical, cognitive, and social.”

The National Academies of Science, Engineering & Medicine reports that social isolation poses a health risk to seniors equivalent to high blood pressure, smoking or obesity. A November 2023 study by Glasgow University reported that seniors who lack social connection with family and friends have a 39% increased risk of dying early.

Chicago Scots will realign its mission to provide for future unmet needs of seniors in Chicago,” said Charles Gonzalez, Chair of the Chicago Scots Board of Governors. “Our mission will be made manifest in a model of living designed to connect people through comprehensive, high-touch care based on community and companionship.”

Chicago Scots will collaborate with the Alford Group on its transformation plans.

“Time and again throughout their long history, Chicago Scots have positioned and repositioned themselves to be relevant in the field of care. I am honored to bring the expertise of the Alford Group to support Gus and the Board as they bring this innovative realignment of purpose to reality,” said the Alford Group’s Don Cooke.

The Negaunee Foundation is a Chicago non-profit foundation that supports cultural, historical, educational institutions and museums, along with performing arts organizations throughout the Chicago metro area.

“The Negaunee Foundation enables and encourages all of us in the Scottish community, the field of senior care, throughout Chicagoland, and across the country – kith and kin – to dream together,” said Gus Noble.

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NOTE: While not the usual “Danahey on the Loose” Free Craic, I thought I would share this bit of news  from a press release per that fact none of us are getting any younger. It’s nice to see efforts to help people through what are supposed to be golden years, but for way too many are more like rusty can times.


The Agility Junkies/Scottish Festival & Highland Games
Dogs from Agility Junkies perform at Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care in North Riverside.

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