Citizens Report American Irish Culture

Synopsis for 9/30/17

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents the Houli’s Hooley. Welcome to the city of Chicago’s finest show about nothing. Dream big hipsters and let us roll our sleeves up for ya!  Bill and Clay ran into each other this week in Wrigleyville of all places and they went hat shopping together! Bill bought three new hats to cover his beautiful dome. Paddy is getting noticed on the el by “time piece” enthusiasts. He had a hipster tell him that he loved his watch and it was mistaken for a Rolex. These things make Paddy nervous. The boys take a break and then come back for a long discussion about the term “bimbo” and what that means today. Bill is worried that all the young hipster girls are looking like 80s bimbos. Chill out Bill! Clay has suggested that Bill write a self help book called “Bimbos and Buttcheeks”. Paddy then tells a story about a legendary poster he won at a very young age at the Taste of Elmwood Park. This is one silly ass episode that features a famous jam by 80s hair metal band Whitesnake. Tune In!