Citizens Report American Irish Culture

Synopsis for 10/14/2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Hooley’s Hooley. Welcome to the best podcast in the world if you like stories of oatmeal and booze and karate. Pain does not exist in the dojo or studio this week! Bill opens the show reminiscing about his first time as a groomsman in his friend Keith’s wedding. Bill self professes that he is quite a dancer and made a big impression at the reception. Clothing/fashion is once again discussed as Paddy interjects during wedding talk to address people that show up to weddings without dress attire. Bill somehow finds a way to include actor Elijah Wood into this. Bill has a thing with this Elijah Wood guy! Wood is now approaching Larry Flynt status on the show for most mentions. The gang takes on the Harvey Weinstein story and Clay informs us that Harvey has a pet monkey named Douglas and the two are currently in a drunken haze at a French villa watching the E channel. Halloween is coming and Paddy is helping his son decide on a costume. Paddy is thinking of dressing his son as Johnny Lawrence from the film “The Karate Kid”. Some karate talk ensues and  Clay then suggests Paddy’s son dress up as comedian Richard Lewis! Another episode that has no rhyme or reason to it. Tune In!