Citizens Report American Irish Culture

Podcast: September 16, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley. Welcome back to another week of amazing laughs and sweet sweet nothings. The boys weren’t affected by any hurricanes, but they do somehow roll hurricane talk into grammar school basketball talk. Hell yes! Who doesn’t love grammar school b-ball talk? Bill has started a new position at work and is struggling with remembering the names of his new clients. Paddy has suggested Bill use Kevin Trudeau’s Mega Memory to help himself. Apple has big announcements this week and Paddy is curious as to when Apple will be releasing the iPhone that allows it’s users to levitate. Clay suggests that Apple begin working with Mindfreak Criss Angel to get this started. Paddy is headed to Cancun for a wedding and has purchased some white v-neck t-shirts for the trip at a place Bill suggested called Foreman Mills. He’s very happy with them and Clay lets us know that Foreman Mills is a real family place; it’s where strippers buy their kids school clothes. This is another fun silly episode. Tune in!