Citizens Report American Irish Culture

Podcast: Nov. 4, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley radio hour.
Welcome Back! Clay O’Brien makes his return this episode after his absence the week prior. The gang is happy to hear that all is well and everyone is now healthy in the O’Brien household. Clay gives a shout out to nurses everywhere! “I don’t know how they found me, but they found me!” Paddy finally has been caught by the authorities for not paying his past parking tickets. He received the boot on his car Halloween night and shares woes of his idiocy. Bill was an Irish American with a Parliament light in his mouth for Halloween. Clay calls this costume Bill embodied “the smoking head”. Topics covered this episode include the fantastic fall Netflix line up, serial killers, wrestling legend Ric Flair and a hot jam from that very famous Irish music group Danzig! Tune in!