Citizens Report American Irish Culture

Podcast: August 26, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley. Welcome back to another week of Chicago’s most unstructured podcast. The gang is on edge this week as Clay is anxiously awaiting the birth of his third child. If it’s a boy and born on Saturday’s historical fight night; Paddy and Bill think he should be named Conor. The big talk this week is obviously the McGregor/Mayweather fight. There was an eclipse this last week and the gang discusses where they watched the action. The boys ponder this week how sophisticated their listeners are. Clay thinks that most of our listeners resemble aristocratic finance experts from the early part of the 20th century. Lawrence VonBitcoin is our number one fan! “Dork Fest”, is a convention idea the gang has concocted this week. You have to be a dork and be over 21! What is a dork anyway? Many other silly segues evolve this episode including grown men wearing baseball caps and a strange playground moderator the boys had in grammar school. Tune In!