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The Houli’s Hooley

Join the hooley with Bill and Paddy Houlihan live on the air every Saturday night from 7-8PM on WSBC 1240 AM and WCFJ 1470AM with news, guests, music, comedy, and a preview of the weekend for Chicagoland’s Young lrish community.


Podcast: June 17, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley. The fight is on! Conor McGregor will be fighting Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match on Aug 26th in Vegas. The gang discusses the prospect of the fight as well as McGregor’s shot at future movie stardom. Clay thinks he has the chops to be like an “Irish Stifler” if working in comedies. Local home town legend and film star Bill Murray was inducted to the Irish American Hall of fame at The Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago over the past week and the gang take time to share his acceptance speech. Paddy shares his story of a St. Joe, Michigan wedding he attended over the weekend as well as his woes of making it there with car trouble. Who doesn’t love stories about car trouble? Bill is back in summer mode kicking it at the pool and has a few discrepancies about proper attire. Additional tags for this fun episode are #Planet Hollywood Bikini, #Tattoos, #Larry Flint, #Jam Shorts, #Trump’s Tail, #Father Atu, #Wegas. Enjoy!

Podcast: June 10, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley. Lot’s of hygiene talk this week as Paddy is still having trouble controlling his armpit sweat and Clay has proclaimed that he doesn’t wish to be friends with anyone that has ever used a bath towel to wipe their backside. Bill is still concerned with the bump on his chin. He proclaims, “You can’t see it, but I can and I touch it and play with it all day!” Careful Bill. Clay has turned 37!!! A little birthday talk and then Paddy informs us that he is really getting into dance music and has caught himself fist bumping to it. He plays us a little. Lots of horsing off in this episode. Tune In!

Podcast: June 3, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal Presents The Houli’s Hooley. This weeks episode continues the talk of Bill’s health issues. Clay has suggested that Bill’s sty in his eye is the result of a Cool Ranch Dorito flavor crystal he may have inadvertently rubbed in it. Time will tell. The boys have a long discussion on why you don’t see adolescents smoking anymore. They have many theories, but one certainty is that they miss those days. Friend of the show Matt Cooley has started a Facebook group called, “Solutions to Problems”. The boys offer a few up. One such problem discussed is the best kind of exfoliating shower gloves to use when bathing. Finally, Al Pacino makes an appearance to discuss his new off off Brodaway show titled “The Latherer”. Super silly show. Tune In!

Podcast: May 27, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley. This episode is all about health and ailments. Bill is suffering for what he hopes is a cyst and not a goiter. He tells the tale of a bump that has formed on his chin after taking a punch in Nashville last summer. Paddy and Clay have decided to name Bill’s potential cyst “Cecil”. Paddy shares with the audience that he’s having trouble getting his armpit sweat in check and Clay is worried about his flaky scalp. Other topics discussed include the new Rolling Stones exhibit at Chicago’s Navy Pier, the hassle of destination weddings and the mutual love the boys have for character actor William Atherton. This episode is about as silly as it gets. Enjoy!

Podcast: May 20, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents the Houli’s Hooley. This week’s episode features a very special guest in Super Bantamweight Irish boxer Michael “Mick” Conlon. Until recently Mick was the most celebrated amateur boxer in Ireland’s history. He made his pro debut with Top Rank at Madison Square Garden this past St. Patricks Day to a sold out crowd and scored a TKO in the 3rd round. Friend and fellow fighter Conor McGregor led him to the ring. Mick is in Chicago this week to promote and fight in his second professional event at the UIC Pavillion on Friday night May 26th. Mick joins the fun this week to talk some smack ala McGregor, reminisce on his outstanding amateur career, his dream debut at the Garden, the amazing support from Irish Americans and the prospect of becoming world champion. Tune In!

Podcast: May 13, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents the Houli’s Hooley. Strap in this week for an all Las Vegas themed episode. President Trump opens the show letting us know that his next pick for Director of the FBI will be a “Fairly Beautiful Individual”. Paddy is headed to Las Vegas for a convention and thus the Vegas themed episode takes off. Paddy is considering wearing his personal crafted uniform in Vegas and Clay suggests he ditch it for a pair black jeans, black t shirt and a Planet Hollywood jacket. Silliness ensues as Larry Flynt enters the podcast conversation once again and Bill works on keeping up with the jokes. God love Bill! He has truly evolved as the show’s moral compass and referee. Tune into a super fun hour!

Podcast: May 06, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents the Houli’s Hooley. Bill has shaved off his gorgeous and well spoken of beard and naturally it becomes a main theme around this weeks totally silly hour. Clay starts off by referring to Bill’s beard as Bill’s “Georgie” and is hoping the term takes off. A “Georgie” is a very well manicured beard; named for deceased pop star George Michael. Other topics include Bill’s desire to purchase a “Guy Bar”, the startling fact that young boys grow long beards on Mars, your “Cool Uncle Nathan” and Clay wants President Trump in a military uniform and his wife Melania in Pink Floyd t-shirts. Other brief discussions include shopping for jeans and faux hawk hair cuts. Nobody is safe this hour! Tune in!

Podcast: April 29, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal Presents The Hooley’s Hooley. Strap in for another week of total ridiculousness. Is that even a word? This weeks show is totally inspired by Indian influences as Paddy has been contacted and trolled by an Indian reality star and image consultant Imam Siddique on LinkedIn. The gang prospects on the idea of becoming famous in India and moving there. Bill says he would have no problem living in India as long as a McDonald’s is nearby. Other topics this episode covers are the closing of neighborhood establishment Kevil’s, the ghosts of former bar regulars and more talk of Wendy’s Double Stacks with squirts of mayo. Tune In!

Podcast: April 22, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley. Not many podcasts can boast that they have done a whole hour on the film Revenge of the Nerds Part 2 Nerds in Paradise, but here it is in all its glory. Paddy starts the show this week with a bit of nostalgia for the film due to his new membership at Chicago’s tech entrepreneur center 1871. The nerd talk takes off from there and continues for the rest of the episode. Paddy does his best to explain his membership to 1871 but all Bill and Clay want to know is if anyone is working on building a “robocop”. Other topics and people touched on during this nerd themed hour are Bill O’Reilly, President Donald J. Trump, shock jock Alex Jones and Bill’s shocking discovery that hip hop performer Big Pun had been deceased for 17 years! Another episode full of great ideas!!! Tune In.

Podcast: April 15, 2017

McCann’s Irish Oatmeal presents The Houli’s Hooley. This week is all about Easter as we get a welcome at the top of the show from America’s favorite evangelist Joel Osteen. The show comes out with a bang as Bill discusses once again his love of Easter ham. Other topics include the lost apostle Ricky, politically correct easter sermons, owning a pet falcon, Paddy’s new found love for 90s Hip Hop band House of Pain, the rules of an Irish wake and the business of selling Bible cakes. Lots of laughs in this episode. Tune in!