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Danahey on the Loose at Glunz Beer Expo
I’ve been watching way too many “Game of Thrones” episodes lately, thanks to the the free weekend HBO recently had, which allowed saving them to DVR. So at least a fifth of the people at the Glunz Beer Expo at the Donald Stephens Convention Center reminded me of cast members or extras from the dungeons and dragons soap opera with their flowing hair, bushy beards and chain mail off their wallets. Oh hipsters, and your ironic love of the past, be it Snidely Whiplash mustaches, Lincoln chin beards, Laplander winter caps, the PBR in your fridges or beverages best served in wood [more]
Colleen Nolan Selected 2014 Chicago Rose of Tralee
Colleen Marie Nolan, 25, was selected as Chicago's 2014 Rose of Tralee Saturday night at a raucous and exuberant party to select this year's Rose. Colleen is a 2010 magna cum laude graduate of the University of Notre Dame.  She is a CPA and works in Finance for Grosvenor Capital Management, an alternative investment firm.  Colleen is extremely active in the Chicago Irish community.  She is the youngest member on the American Ireland Fund Young Leaders Steering Committee and is the current Vice President of Sponsorship on the Executive Board of the Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago. [more]
Danahey on the Loose at Northwest Celtic Fest
You have to like a place where, once a year, the village-owned arena turns into a suburban Brigadoon, and the mayor puts on the family tartan to host a gathering of Celts. That’s to say, Saturday marked the third annual Northwest Celtic Fest at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates - and by far the most bustling of them. The fest grew out of prior town events including a Tartan Day parade five or six years ago and the arena holding a couple tattoos for pipe and drum groups. The attendance the first two was a little on the supermodel side, which is to say, thin. Anita Forte-Scot [more]
Danahey on the Loose at Irish Mass at McNally’s in St. Charles
This is the final part of my St. Patrick’s weekend trilogy, where Darth O’Vader reveals he is t [more]
Danahey on the Loose at “Celtic Woman: Emerald”
Sunday of my St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I headed downtown for “Celtic Woman: Emerald” [more]
Danahey on the Loose as Emcee at the East Dundee St. Pat’s Parade
So I was emcee of the East Dundee Thom McNamee Memorial St. Patrick’s parade Saturday. With an ac [more]
Danahey On the Loose at Crystal Lake Raue Center Whiskey Tasting
So, I went to a whiskey tasting Friday night at the Raue Center in Crystal Lake - one of those gra [more]